Thursday, 5 July 2007

The Extraordinary social worker:

It is always nice to read and write about the people who has contributed to his society. In these series, today I found the extra ordinary man about whom I would like to dedicate the gift of words.

I am going to say somthing about Dr. Sam Essiamah, he has finished his PhD from university of Goettingen in 1980s. Then, his professor asked him to stay here for few more years working as the researcher in university. therefore he stayed and spent around 10 years here in Germany working in different institutions and abilities.

He was asked to stay here, but he politely denied this offer of wonder land. He thought that he has some moral duty towards his motherland. Therefore, he went back to his country to serve there where he started the project of plantation in Schools. As other developing countries, Ghana also has faced the problems of deforestation, poverty and other societal ill effects. At present Ghana has less than 1 million hactare of natural forests.

Then, when he went to school, many schools didnot have well infrastructure and also the trees. Students use to sit outside on the day sun. These pitiful situation hurted him and inspired him to work there. He started school plantation with the participation of students and teachers. In the beginning it was only limited in the 4 schools.

The students were inpired and motivated plantation and protection by giving them the footballs. The soccer crazy students were so motivated they started to plantations and protection. It was successful on this.

He also noticed the problems of electricity in the house to provide the reading environment to children. For this, he collaborated with the German institutions, and developed and distributed solar lamp. This solar lamps are really miraculous. It is just 8 inches long with 4 inches diamter joined with the solar panel at top (Lantern like structure) that has only 250 grams weight and can provide light interruptibly for 8 hours if once charged. Ithis can be used to 10 years without any big maintenance and is quite portable and easy to operate which costs just 15 Euro.

Realising the poverty, he subisidized it to 7 euro to the student. And, also these 7 euro, he started the saving credit activities. The motive of this is to make the poorer people to make able to buy and use this wonderful solar lamp. With his single attempts he has been able to greenify the school compounds, inspire student to work towards nature conservation and lightening the society. He further more worked towards other societal development activities. Now his project has been working in 72 governmental schools and being very successful and popular among Ghana people.

For his contribution, he and his project have been awarded with prestigious Globolog Prize (2004) and 13 thousands euro. He spent all these money for developing this society.

People might think this as the small thing but for me it is the greatest contributions by single person to his motherland and society. He himself is so simple, no one could guess that this lean and thin man has been doing such a wonderful job to his society. I really salute him and his selfless endeavors !

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