Friday, 6 July 2007

SLC results published

The School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam which is considered iron gate in Nepal has published midnight yesterday. More than 350 thousands students were taking exams this year. Out of these large number of student, 58% could passed this Iron gate. Congratulation to all the successful students, their parents and other relatives.

This was the record % of student passing this iron gate. Before this year, never happened the passing result over 50 %.

The result published in the midnight took away the sound sleeps of millions of nepalese. The 350000 students, their parent (350000x2=7000000), their brother and sister (350000x2=700000) and other relatives (350000x10=3500000) altogether around 5.5 million people, could not sleep well by knowing or in the wait of knowing the results. Therefore, I did not like the idea of publishing the results at midnight however we know the difficulties and pressure from all in publishing results at the earliest time. Anyway, they deserve the admiration for tireless works.

From yesterday, I also could not sleep because our children were also taking exams this year.
My son (Rupesh K.C. 0143620V) got 84.8 % marks in aggregate, brother in law (Aashman Khattri: 0322937 Q) got 85.7 % and sister in law (Pushpa khattri: symbol number 0463237 U) got 87.5 % in total, all they passed SLC with distinction marks. They broke our family records in passing SLC.

We all are proud and happy by knowing their results. We are also quite serious about their future career too.

Good luck to them and congrats !

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