Tuesday, 17 July 2007

The memorable party for Wood product student !

We had very good and nice party today. The party was jointly organised by the student of Wood products' side and by the teacher side. Dr. Ramazan Kurt has been teaching the wood science and wood products technology in the Georg August University, Goettingen. He has been involved in teaching for 15 long years in Turkey.
He has completed his master degree from Uk, and Doctorate and Post doctorate from the reputed universities of the USA. He is perfect in teaching skills. He taught the subject in very particatory and interactive way. All the students are happy and satisfied with his teaching methods and skills.
Since he himself is very labourious and hard working man, he always wanted to do labour from sutdent side. For that, he obliged students to write 5 reports in different subjects. In the beginning, student were thinking that these are too heavy to finish. But, he inspired and encouraged students so much, almost all students could finish it in time. At the end, students are more than satisfied with this methods. By writing reports, student learn the subject in depth and in permanently. This is good way to depart knowledge to the students.
Dr. Kurt has charismatic personality. He is soft spoken and very kind to others. He treated student as the teacher, as the guardian and most of time as the best friends. He has really great friendly nature who can impress anyone from first sight. We learned many things about the human behaviours from him besides from the knowledge on the subjects. He is one of the great teacher we ever had !
We wish all the success in his professional career ! No matter how far would we be physically, he will remain always in our heart and soul ! We would like to extend our thanks to Georg August University and DAAD for providing us the opportunity to learn many things from him.

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