Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Unbelievable stealing case ! (Exclusive news !)

In the country like Germany where people can walk at midnight without any fear and risk, the place like Goettingen, where anyone can sleep outside and put his valuable anywhere without any fear, the places like Georg August university, where people can find there valuables even after lost, the Beamer has been stolen unbelievably from building 4.1.

The thief probably might have entered through window and snatched the beamer that was hanging under the ceilings for normal use. The thief was so crucial and barbaric in stealing the things like this from the university, which is our temple (or Church or Mosque) for education. I donot know how this kind of ill will use to come in someone's mind.

This event came into light (to us) when today our teacher Dr. Ramazan Kurt was trying to fix the Beamer for his presentation. We were worrying about this unbelievable and mischievous activity.

This incident should not be taken as the minor thing. It should be investigated and put the culprit into the jail. I would like to request all whoever can assist in investigation of this robbery !

I have put the photo of ceiling, hanging the cable after Beamer stolen.

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