Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Breaking News!

Maoist quit Coalition Government in Nepal

Moaist a major coalition partner in Nepal Government has quited the coalition government today around 1 pm.

All four ministers from Maoist quota has tendered their resignation in mass to Prime minister. They are organising mass rally in the capital of Nepal today. Probably, Maoist supremo Prachanda will give reasons about quitting the government.

Since CA election is going to held 22 November, that will supposed to take decision the fate of the most unpopular monarch and monarchism in Nepal, the quitting of Maoist from Government and their fresh Movement call will make CA election uncertain that will indirectly give lifeline to finishing King.

Hundreds of Maoist cadres and sympathizers gathered at major intersections before the midday have started to proceed towards the assembly venue. Many buses carrying the demonstrators were also seen heading towards the open air theatre.

They are chanting slogans such as “Declare a republic to ensure Constituent Assembly elections” and “Hail to republican Nepal”.

Traffic in large parts of the capital has been crippled.
People are requesting all major allies of government to stict on the mission of demolishing monarchism via. election of Constituent Assembly