Wednesday, 5 September 2007

How will these wounds be recovered !

During the 12 years long Maoist insurgency, more than 15,000 nepalese lost their life. Aro

und 10,000 maoist cadre and around 5,000 government Police, Army and personnels lost their life. The wounded and amputee's number is uncountable. After the loss of that a big number of Nepalese, now people are going to end the King's dynasty in the country. The end of undemocratic, and family driven king's rule is going to be ended, not by the bullets, but by the popular people's votes (Pole is going to held at 22 November). Nepalese citizens, as known as the bravest and calmed both in the world, believe on ballot rather than bullet. Now people are asking,"Who will heal and how would the wounds of Nepalese be recovered?" Can this losses be recovered ever? Why are not anyone showing accountability to those who lost their family during these 12 years? What have been changed since last year when did you climb to government? As a illegal offsprings, several armed groups have emerged in the country and killing innocent people and destroying public property. These are the lessons that have been taught to many of ill fated groups. We want true and honest answers from concerned. Can anyone show honesty in giving answers?

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