Thursday, 6 September 2007

Breaking News!

Prince Paras got Heart ATTACK
Crown Prince Paras has been rushed to Norvic hospital in Thapathali this morning after he became unwell. Unconfirmed reports say that he has suffered from heart attack. He was admitted at around 11:35 am. King Gyanendra and Queen Komal have reached the hospital at 11:50, Nepal FM reported live from the hospital. Doctors from Martyr Gangalal Heart Hospital and Norvic are believed to be involved in his treatment. The hospital authority has not given any information about the illness. Security around the hospital has been increased.
Doctors carry out stent procedure to clear CP Paras's artery Doctors at Norvic hospital have carried out a 'stent procedure' to clear one of the blocked arteries of Crown Prince Paras.
He will remain in hospital for five days:
Following the stent procedure to clear his blocked artery, Crown Prince Paras has now overcome the chest pains and is now resting, said doctors

Doctors at Norvic hospital had carried out a 'stent procedure' to clear one of the blocked arteries of Crown Prince Paras.

According to Dr. Shyam Bahadur Pandey, CP Paras is now feeling complete relief from the pains. He said that CP Paras will have to remain hospitalised for next five days – two days in Coronary Care Unit and three days in general ward. Dr. Pandey said he had visited Nirmal Niwas – the official residence of CP Paras at around 10 am this morning after he was called. Subsequently, he was taken to the Norvic hospital. Intense smoking, too much alcoholism and stress is the causes of heart attack to him as said by his family Doctors. He should change the habbits, suggested by doctors.

Normally, the stent procedure uses a wire mesh tube called a stent to prop open an artery that's recently been cleared using angioplasty.

The incident of his Heart attack comes after the rulling Nepali Congress Central Committee meeting yesterday decided to go for Federal Republics. Nepali congress instead of neo-crown princess (!) Sujata Koirala (Jost) opposition, decided to go to the people for Republican state in upcoming Constituent Assembly pole set for 22 November 2007. Nepali Congress was only the last hope for the palace which can keep monarchy in any forms and shape also, couldnot dare to favor them.
Crown Prince Paras Shah is one of the most unpopular man in Nepal. His notority leaves behind the notority of his father king Gyanendra. However the interim constitution of Nepal 2007, doesnot recognize their existense, they used to claim themselves as king and prince of Nepal.

Since Paras has ill reputation. He has been considered as the mastermind behind ROYAL MASSACRE 2001 when Nepal lost the whole royal family including the most popular King of nepal, Birendra. Furthermore, He had crushed over and killed very popular musician Praveen Gurung in August, 2000. He is the role model of many hooligans, and vagabonds. He has one son (Hridyendra) and two daughters (Poornika and Kritika). His wife named Himani, is very beautiful, and one of the little bit popular person in whole royal family.

People are praying for his early recovery since they donot want to lose their chance to punish him for all his misdeeds. One nepalese citizen while asking responded that the God has no right to take him away in this way since he needs to be punished from people of Nepal for all his cruelty, ill jobs and crimes. Another nepalese has been surprised by listening the news of Heart Attack to Paras. She said,"What a joke to have heart attack to those who doesnot have any Heart !"

Paras got discharge:
After recovery Paras has been discharged from Norvic hospital, he returned back to Nirmal Niwas.


paudelloknath said...

Dear Rajendraji, I am fully agreed with you but we do have hearts. So, let us at least show our sympathy when some one Nepali, whatsoever he/she was cruel or not,get ill!

highlander said...
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highlander said...

Yes, I do agree with Loknathji. We are not in favored to the system those people exploited not in the person in general. Then, otherwise, we have to rethink and remember your previous post about Prachanda. Nonetheless, as a Nepali, I like Paras to be recovered from this heart attack and led the public life like us. May be who knows- to be a elected parliamentarian or a primer. Well, the people should forgive them (Royal cadres) as well, if they decide to disempower and detach from the peoples politics themselves as the Maoist.