Friday, 7 September 2007

Contribution to make CA election successful

All dear friends

This morning I had one idea regarding our contribution in coming CA elections. To make CA election successful, our actions would be also helpful, hence I am preparing some draft ideas about how could we assist the national agenda of helding CA election on tim and I request to all you to provide your valuable suggestions and commitments to make election a grand success.
My proposal:
The date for CA election has started to count down. There is only 75 days more left for CA election. CA election is considered as the medium to change the fate of Nepalese that ensure republics, federal systems and equity in all sectors. If the election is held properly and the inclusive constitution could be made after CA election, it is sure that the new Nepal would be formed where all are equals and prosperity is guaranteed. In new Nepal , there would be no disparity, discrimination and divisions.

To conduct the CA elections successfully, the nation is asking all to contribute to their fullest capacity. Since we are here in abroad, how could we play important role should be the matter of discussion. As we are the responsible member of our society, somewhat educated and benefited too, we have also responsibility to make CA election a success. Physically we are away from our land, but our heart and brain is with our motherland. Motherland is always on our head and our responsibility as the true children always impulse us to do something positive to the nation.
Therefore, it is our duty, responsibility to act positively for CA elections. We, as the member of Goettengeli Nepalese Samaj, also need to work towards this. Therefore, I request all members to contribute positively for CA elections. Also, please provide us ways how could we contribute towards it. Your opinion could contribute a lots at this moment.

In my opinion, I have few tiny proposals:

-Call to our family member to act towards CA election and assist revolutionary forces in election regardless of party politics.
-Send at least fifty emails to all our friends, families requesting to vote and act for CA elections.
-Write articles, pathak patra (letter to editor) in Kantipur, Kathmandu post, Rising Nepal, Dhristi, Deshantar, Chhalphal, Nepali times, Radio, Televition etc. providing opinions in favor of CA elections.
-Request to those whoever can reach country, work and vote for CA elections.
-Write articles, comments, suggestions in online or internet websites.
-Make telephone call to friends requesting to act for CA elections.
-Spread the message of CA elections is possible and need to be held in 22 November.
-Put pressure to leaders not to go against upcoming CA elections.
Let’s coordinate all our efforts for CA elections and make our dream election as the means to eliminate all our backwardness.I request you all to give your opinion as early as possible.Request for addition, omission, edition and anything in proposal is kindly welcome.

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