Sunday, 23 September 2007

Prashanta became Indian Idol

Today in the tough competition at the final round of reality show programme, the nepali origin Prashanta Tamang became Indian Idol and won 150 thousands Euro. He would get 1 maruti Car. Furthermore, the runner up is Amit from Sillong who can also speak Nepali. These shows the Nepali power and dominancy in India too. Really the language Nepali is really sweet and melodious like any other language in the worlds. We are proud of our Language, dress and whatever we have.

We are proud of Prasanta and his brave to show him as Nepali infront of billions of Indian People who are supposed to vote to select Indian Idol. All judges especially Javed Akhtar (Wellknow Indian Poet) and Alisha Chinoy were very bias towards him and never praise Prashanta. Even in final round, they tried to influence the people by providing very positive comments and gesture to Amit and negative comments to Prashanta. However they could do nothing to determined person like Prashanta and viewers. Altogether, 70 million SMS votes were given to select the indian idol within 2 weeks, that shows the popularity of the programme. Lots of Nepalese flag were seen in celebrating his victory. HE WAS WEARING NEPALESE CAP IN THE STAGE AFTER WINNING THE TITLE however lots of young nepalese find hesitation to wear nepalese cap since they thought our national cap as the sign of backwardness which is quite wrong and shameful saying. links to see video of final round.
When he sang the song "Bir Ghorkali (Brave Gurkhas)" all Nepalese became sentimental about his faith and dedication to Nepal.
Lots of processions are being held in Nepal in many parts to celebrate his triumph.
Danke schon PRASANTA.