Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Asia is the origin of all major religions and civilisations

"The earth is one but the world is many." Why? The earth is divided into many world. World of Christian, World of Hindu, World of Muslims, World of Budhists, Developed worlds, poor worlds etc. God created one Earth, but we created different worlds.

But, when we considers about the civilisation and origin of major religions in the world, we find Asia as the origin. Asia is the origin of all civilisation. The central and south Asia, in particular can be said as the origin of all religion. Almighty Jesus borne in Bethlehem (Israel), the origin of Islam is as Mecca (Saudi Arabia), the birth place of Lord Buddha (Lumbini, Nepal) and the origin of Hinduism is in the periphery of Nepal and India. So, the major religion all over the world has the common ancestor, which is Asia. So to be the Asian is to be the pioneer of all civilisation and religion. The photos above show Lumbini (Birth place of Lord Buddha, Nepal), Pashupati Nath temple (one of the oldest and highly reputed Hindu temple, Nepal), Mecca (Saudi Arabia), Bethlehem (Birth of place of Jesus, Israel) and Janakpur (birth place of Goddess, Janaki (Sita), Nepal).

All these religions say the same thing on different ways. The gist of all is communal harmony, peace and prosperity, humanity and selflessness. All these religions should have tolerance and respects to other religions also sothat the different worlds will be merged into one Earth.

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