Monday, 24 December 2007

Small survey about SPA's declaration about Republic Nepal

All esteemed readers,
Probably, you all might have been known about the 22 point deals among seven rulling parties (SPA). The major points of agreement is to rename Nepal as the Democratic Federal Republic of Nepal but its implementation will start from the first meeting of constitution assembly. Does the SPA without fresh mandate thorough CA election has the rights to declare republic state?

And, also the numbers of representation from CA is fixed as 601 (240 for personal voting+335 from proportional voting + 26Manonit). Does the small country like Nepal need such a big number of MPs (!) for drafting constitution? Doesnot these large numbers of representation would be smooth in drafting the Constitution of Nepal? Do you think that the election could be held on time and will they be able to make "Constitution of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal?" There is popular saying that "Jati Bhado, Uti Chuburko (the more utensils we have, the more lack we feel)." Would 601 members from different parties and mindsets be able to make the consensus on each and every lines, sentences and words of constitution? May be not! Can small economy like our, could bear all these expenses?!
What is the logic behind declaring "Federal Democratic Republic Nepal" in credit since they lost the great chance to declare it in reality if they could held CA election on November 22. Losing the caught fish, again in search of another fish, is merely the sillyness. The political parties behaved more irresponisble than Madhesi Janadhikar Forum. Due to their failure in helding elections on 22 November, caused the breakdown of UML and NC cadres and leaders to join regional parties.

Also, the Tike MPs donot have the rights to snatch the people's right to decide the faith of monarchy and monarchism. The monarchism from Nepal is going to be vanished with the people's vote, but this unwise move is going to make the king's exit only heroic. In this aspect, what do you opine?

What will be the next steps from Gyanendra and Paras? What should he do? Does he need to step down himself or take some strict action as the last step to save monarchism? What will be the reaction and further steps from pro monarchist parties such as Rastriya Prajatantra Party, Jan Shakti Party and others?

I am doing this small survey to make report for this blog.

I am not the professional journalist and I donot have much knowledge about it hence I am trying to get opinion from all of our friends hence sending this short emails to you with due respects and request to reply me. I do like to request more to send me further opinions except my queries about above these 22 points agreement and present political scenario of Nepal.

Thank you very much for your kind cooperation!!

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