Wednesday, 12 December 2007

NRs.10,000/- or my one month Salary as Prize to Olympic winner

Today, I saw the performance of South Asian people in last Olympic held in Sydney, Australia, I found the pityful condition of the region. More than one and half billion people in the region, but the olympic medal won was just one silver. The winner was the Majro Rajyavardan Rathore from India, who won Silver in shooting event. This shows the pityful condition of the counries like India, Pakistan, Shri Lanka, BanglaDesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Afganistan, and Maldives. Therefore, we need to inspire our player who can win medal for us.

In this regard, I have little bit strange idea today! When I read about the Dipak Bist and his continuous attempt to make my country pride winning Medal in Beijing Olympic. I couldnot stop myself from this announcement.

Since money is not only matter that motivates people to target some big. For many people, money is nothing but the esteemed, respect, honesty and faith is the greatest thing. I found Dipak Bista as the same. Dipak Bist, originally from Dhangadi, Farwestern Nepal, has played for the sake of country since long times and honored the country by winning 3 goldmedals in consecutive SAARC game and 2 bronze in Asiads. Since the Asian country like China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan are considered as the powerhouse of Taekondo, his winning in Bronze in Asiad shows quite promising for winning medal in next Olympic.
To qualify for the Olympic, he has suffered alot. He was unable to participate in World tournament recently held in London, which is considered as the prequalification tournament for the Olympic in the event. He was practiced alot and when there is turn to showcase his talency in the arena, British Embassy hurdled him by issuing VISA late. When the embassy issued VISA, it was already too late to participate in the tournament. What a pity thinking about nepalese player by developed nation! Shame to them!!

Then, he has another and final opportunity to qualify for the Olympic. The Asian qualifying match was held in Vietnam on 30th November, where he won the Bronze medal again and qualified for the Olympic. It is the great achievement for the nation!
Since the whole country must support his enthusiasm and respect his fighting attitude. All the Nepalese irrespective of their cast, culture and origin should inspire him. He should be encouraged by all corners. We should not be late to encourage his morale. Having high morale is always very essential element to win the game. Inspiration doesnot come only thorough the prize and money but in many cases the respects and publicity also work quite high. However, for the Nepalese player who has the problem of hands to mouth in many cases, monetary incentive is quite bigger. Hence I would like to propose to announce some monetary prize for him if he could win olympic medal.

I belong to lower middle class family in Nepal. I am now totally depending on the DAAD scholarship for my study and my family's daily expenses. The scholarship is quite insufficient for average life in Germany. Similarly, I am working as the Gazetted 3rd Class officer in Nepal. Except these two sources, I donot have any other financial supports. I have quite a big family depending on me however I could not resist myself by announcing this small prize for him.

I would like to announce the small prize of 10,000Rs. or my one month salary which becomes higher in the amount if he could win any medal for the country. The purpose of my announcement is to get support from all corner of society to join hand in making big amount of prize to support him if he could win any medal. All the friends, merchants, teachers, civil servants can join hand with me in announcing the prize that will motivate him. Let's join hand in making our beloved country pride. Any other people could take the initiative and generate some funds, and collect money. I would be happy in transferring my part or if they trust me also, I will not be back to do it.

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