Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Summer Olympic and our hope!

Olympic is the biggest tournament on the world level. All the players dream to play for their country in the Olympic. When the child start to play any game, his biggest dream is to win the gold medal in Olympic with world record. That shows the importance of Olympic.

The modern version of Olympic had started from Greece in 1968. Since then 25 Olympics games has already been held. Before the break down of Soviet Union, the USSR was the winner in overall medal tally. Many former east European countries (communist countries) such as Romania, East Germany, Hungary, Chekoslovakia, showed dominancy in sports. In Olympic 1988 held in Seoul (S. Korea), then East Germany secured the second position in overall medal tally with 37 Gold, 35 Silver and 30 Bronze surpassing the United States' 36 Gold, 31 Silver and 27 Bronze. That clearly showed the supremacy of former communist country in the Olympic. In that Olympic China got only 5 Gold medals. It was just the beginning of their participation in Olympics.
Then after the unification of two Germany and breakdown of former the USSR, people were considering that Germany would become the first in subsequent olympics. But, just opposite of people' expectation, the performance of Germany is going down. Now the united Germany has less medals than when they were fighting individually. What a opposite reaction! I donot know that why the German's sports are going down despite of large investment however Germany has still the highest medal tally among all European countries. Germany has just 13 Goldmedals in Last Olympic Game held in Sydney and placed 6th in medal tally.

Instead, our Northern neighbour China has dramatically progressed in Olympics. Eventhough they have entered into Olympic quite recently, now they are number 2 in overall medal tally.
In last Olympic in Sydney 2004, China was second in medals with 32 Gold, 17 Silver and 14 Bronze. The Chinese Taipei has won 2 more Golds and Chinese Hongkong has another Silver Medals. which shows that China is sport power house of the World however they are weaker in Athletics which bears lots of medals in the tournament.

Since the next olympic is going to held in China, everybody is expecting that China will top the medal tally and defeat the USA. We as the good neighbour also wish them for the success and top the world. Let our Northern neighbour rule the World in Sports too...
When talking about the participation of Nepal in Olympic, my country Nepal had longer history than China, however we have won only one bronze medal that is in Taekondo in Seoul Olympic. The destined player was Bidhan Lama. This year also, we are expecting medal from the same game but the player is Dipak Bista who has already qualified for the tournament after beating some powerhouse of the game in Vietnam. Dipak Bista is the most succesful Taekondo player in the history of Nepal. He has already won 3 Gold medals in South Asian Games in a row and 2 bronze medals in the Asiad also in the row. Good luck Bista.

I would wish all the best for him and would like to declare 110€ as the prize if he win any medal in the game. This declaration of prize is quite tiny in comparison to his effort, but at the moment, as the student, depending on the scholarship for the study, is just joining my hand to inspire him.

I hope that some rich people would take initiative for his moral boosting!

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