Thursday, 10 January 2008

Ministers Expansion in Nepal

KATHMANDU, Jan 10 - Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala expanded the cabinet on Thursday, inducting three ministers and five state ministers. Four of them hail from the Madhesi community and one from the Dalit community. Today’s cabinet meeting took the decision to this effect. With this, the cabinet has become 30-membered.
PM Koirala’s daughter Sujata has been inducted as the minister without portfolio in the jumbo cabinet. She will, however, look after the Prime Minister’s Office. She is the most debatable face in the ministry. The only qualification of her is to be the daughter of Prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala.

She was married with a German man during the difficult moments of Nepalese politics. But, after restoration of democracy in Nepal, she moved to Nepal and started lucrative jobs of NGO and politics. She has been running the NGO named Sushma Koirala Memorial Trust. (Photos: her daughter and son in law in marriage party at Hotel Everest, Kathmandu).

She was supposed to involve in many corruption cases. Among them, most crucial was the appointment of General Sales Agent for Royal Nepal Airlines to the Dhamija, Red Sandal Wood kanda etc.
Other ministers appointed today are:
Sujata Koirala Jost (Cabinet minister without portfolio)
Farmulla Mansoor (Cabinet minister for Science and Technology)
Ram Chandra Raya Yadav (Cabinet minister for Public Administration)
Nagendra Chaudhary (State Minister for Tourism)
Padam Rai (State Minister for Local Development)
Nabin B.K. (State Minister for Women Development)
Ram Kumar Chaudhary (State Minister for Home)
Dina Upadhayay Aryal (State Minister for Water resources)

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