Friday, 22 February 2008

The Bird lover

An insult or an offering?
Belarusian taxi driver Leonid Kulakov feeds a bird on a street in downtown Minsk.
Different people have different hobbies and feelings. Some people can be seen very cruel. They will not fear even killing their own children for their personal benefits. Some people can be found very kind to others who become happy to save the life of others at the expense of their own life. Many news have been heard about people who sacrificed their life for the sake of others. However, these kinds of people are very rare at this materialistic world. Among such kind of people, this taxi driver has also significance. He is feeding this small bird with his tongue. It looks like his hobbies rather than his kindness alone. But, it is noteworthy that he has great love towards this small creature. We should learn from him to love birds and other wildlifes.
Thanks to him for loving nature and creatures of gods. We need many people like him to save the earth and ecological biodiversity.

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