Friday, 22 February 2008

why are you experts and kind persons here only?
We need few of your kindness and expertism. We need few of your cordiality, we need few of your blessing, to treat the poor and helpless people in my country. We will be able to save thousands of people annually if we could get your expertism.

You are the wellknown experts in all over the world. Prof. Dr. Med. Wolfgang Ruschewski, Prof. Dr. Thomas Paul, Dr. med. H. Schneider, Dr. med. M. Sigler, Dr. U. Krämer, Dr. med. G. Dann, Dr. med. V. Gravenhorst, Dr. med. Th. Kriebel, Dr. med. S. Seeliger, Sister Elizabeth and her teams etc, all you are the experts in the child heart. You did the miracle to our daughter. Without your skills, knowledge, hardworking and kindness, our daughter wouldnot have survived. We consider you all as the idols of God. You are the Gods for us. You served for we poor so honestly and with dedication, we are really indebted to you all. If our family, washes your even your socks everyday, it will be far less in comparison to your help to us. We will always worship you when we worship our Gods. The university hospital of Goettingen university is our Pilgrim. Whenever we think about this Klinik, we use to find it as our temple and one of the holliest pilgrim. We are very thankful to all of you.

If only few of you, would be in our country, there would not be such a high number of casualties due to even the minor heart problems. Many of our borne children are dieing even due to the pneumonia and diaherrea. Many congenital heart defects children are dieing due to lack of diagnosis of real problems. What a pity! When will our motherland give birth to the experts like you? When will we be destined to get such a cooperative, honest, dedicated professionals in medical field !

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