Wednesday, 27 February 2008

An Interview with Paras Khadka (Captain, ICC under 19 cricket)

An Interview with the capitan of the Nepal team - Parasn Khadka
- Monday, February 25, 2008
We are talking to Paras Khadka the captain of the Nepal cricket team. He has captained his side to a 100-run victory over Zimbabwe. Paras you must be very happy with your team performance?
Yah, we had played against them and we had lost in the practice match so we guys knew what we had to do. It was just about getting a decent score on the board and the way the boys bowled and I think from the very start the way Amit bowled and the way Raj, Rahul and every one contributed and the way we came back we were 50-odd for five or six and the way Pushpa and Raj were it was a great team effort over all.
You enjoyed your bowling out there, you picked up three wickets you must be happy with that performance?
It was more of a team effort more than me I think everyone contributed in their part as long as everyone contributes it is good. I hope to do much better in the future.
You and Amit are bowling very well as openers are you enjoying bowling together?
Yes even in the previous world cup we had been paired. He was a left hander and bowled superbly against Sri Lanka and Australia. Bowlers have lived up to the business and it’s just about continuing from here and keeping up their good run.
Paras this is your third Under 19 World Cup so you are really experienced when it comes to World Cup so tell us about your previous experiences?
Last time when we won the plate championship I think it was a great thing because we beat South Africa in the semi-final and New Zealand in the final, that’s the biggest thing and every one back home the kind of reception we received was really huge. We have to do better in future.
Paras tell us about the game against South Africa you picked up the crucial wicket in the end. Can you tell us about it?
It was really tense they needed about nine runs with five wickets left. I was bowling my off spinners and keeping the line tight and by God’s grace everything went our way and we defeated them. It depends upon the game I even bowl medium pacers and it depends upon the conditions in which I come and bowl the off spinners.
You are a bit like Gary sobers, he used to bowl a bit of off spinners a bit of medium pace, and he used to bat a bit. You are a real true all-rounder?
As long as I go and give my 100 percent what ever it is whether it’s on the field or taking catches and making runs. If I can contribute to the welfare of the team then it’s more than enough.
(Source: official website of ICC under 19 world cup cricket)

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