Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Request for comments and suggestions from You

This website has been small window to know about Nepal, Nepalese and Goettingen. The main objective of the creation of this website is to explain about Nepal and Nepalese to the international people. To explain about our rich culture, and beauty of Nepal is another objectives. Furthermore, to support the democratization of Nepal, creating the harmony and integration of culture, ethnic community and develop national integration are other objectives. Also, we would have intended to share our experiences and our activities in Goettingen through this website. So, we tried to make it better, but we donot know how far we became succesful. It is certain that we tried our best to publicise our country to the world. We are sure on that we have added few bricks to the nation buildings, democratization of country, and let outsider know about our country.
During the short span of time, this blog has been gradually getting popularity among Nepalese community in and outside country. Even many of our foreign friends use to visit this site regularly. At the moments, all over the world, from all the continents, people are visiting this sites. Most of its regular are from Europe, North America, Canada, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Middle East etc. The overwhelming supports from all the corner of the world inspired us to work hard however due to time pressure and limited support, we couldnot fulfill the expectation of our friends and visitors. Anyway, we would like to thank all of the visitors for their constant supports. They are really invaluable to us.
At present, we would like to request all to give their feed back about the materials, contents of the blog. What can be done to improve it? What are the areas that you can support us? In what areas, can we support you? What do you find most interestings and what do you find nonsense on the materials published? How can I get your news, views and articles to decor this blog? So, I expect a lot from your side for the improvement of this site. Please, Please send your comments, suggestions, news, views and articles for this blog.
As I have to leave Goettingen shortly after completion of my Masters', I would like to request to our Goettingeli friends to take charge to operate this blog. Since our Goettingeli Samaj and its alumnii, is increasing day by day, I hope there willnot be shortage of manpower to upgrade, operate it. I think, with the addition of your opinions and skills, the blog would certainly get wider coverage in subjects and areas.

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