Monday, 14 April 2008


As unexpected result is coming in the CA election, the most unexpected result has come from Rautahat 1, the only one independent candidate who won the CA election is Baban Singh. He was most wanted criminal who had exploded bomb in Kathmandu killing 3 people. Baban singh asked voted to the people to save his life. He got 9201 votes defeating Sadhvawana Party candidate Ajaya Gupta Baniya.
In the same district UML General Secretary lost. He has been defeated in two districts in this CA election by maoist leaders. Also, one of the most honest Home Minister in the history of Nepal, Krishna Sitaula has also lost the election.
What a interesting result ! One criminal won the election where as the Home minister lost. Krishna Sitaula is really the dedicated, honest and friendly person who should be judged not on the basis of whether he won or lost but on his duties he fulfilled. We salute you for your endeavor and politeness, your works to mainstreaming Maoist despite of ill motived people like Sujata and others, continuous BIRODH.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Rajendra sir,
The outcomes of the CA election are really interesting! Ofcourse, some of the most corrupted political leaders are kept aside by the people of Nepal. But some of the really needful leaders for the constitution write-up like Madhav Kumar Nepal, Bharat Mohan Adhikary, Shekhar Koirala, Mahes Aharya, Chakra Banstola, K.P. Oli, etc had lost the election! Most interestingly, in my opinion, the hero of the peace agreement, who was the leading figure to bring the Maoist to the table and making 12 points agreement in Delhi had been defeated by the candidate of the Maoist!!! The minister who with his highest effort could provide the security and peace environment for the CA election had been defeated! I can only make me satisfied saying that ‘NEPAL SATILE SARAPEKO DESHA HO JAHAN RAMRO KAM GARNELAI PURASKARKO BYAWASTHA NABHAI DANDAKO BYAWASTHA HUNCHHA! What a shame!!!! You have rightly mentioned that he was one of the most honest home ministers of Nepal; he was always doing his best for New Nepal. Ofcourse, I may not be a right judge but if it was a fair election, he should not have been defeated! I am not in position to say, at least for these figures, that the people decision was right! Another interesting result is from Rautahat. The hero who took the lives of the innocent school children has won the election! Shame!!!!!!!!!!! With such results, what the people of Nepal want to convey the message to the people of rest of the world? I am really astonished with such results!
Lok Nath Paudel