Monday, 14 April 2008

Goettingeli Samaj welcome New Year 2065

Hari Prasad Pandey jee looking towards spectacles
Rosan Devkota and Ajaya Kunwar chatting with Aditi, sweet daughter.

Am I look handsome? Asking Hari Prasad Pandey jee
Sweet daughter Anjilla playing with father
Sweet Aditi Looking toards me !
Kalpana Devkota from Vienna (Austria) and Binita shahi from IOF, Pokhara
The most pleasant smile: Ajaya Kunwar (our head chef! however he holds Ph.D. in Neuroscience).
GOETTINGELI NEPALESE SAMAJ organised get together party on the Eve of Nepalese New Year 2065 at the apartment of Jeetendra Mahat, Herman Rein Strasse, Goettingen, Germany. It was very nice and pleasant moments full of joys, discussion and laughing, added with some very delicious Nepalese Cuisines.
We missed few of our members on the occasion most importantly Netra jee, Baburam Jee and family, Archana Jee etc. We wish all the best for them and all Nepalese in & outside country.

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