Thursday, 10 April 2008

The ballot is hundred times stronger than bullets !

Former USA president Jimmy Karter himself is observing the election process throughout. He has been observing the polling in Lalitpur, Nepal. He expressed satisfaction about turnout, and process and enthusiasm seen to people about election.

This is the ballot paper for election in Rupandehi Constituency number 3. Still Nepal has to rely on paper ballot since we donot have sufficient budgets to go for electronic voting systems. The paper ballots lengthen the voting times.
Rebellion and Maoist who fought for 12 years and lost the lives of around 15 thousands lives, learned that what they have achieved with bullest was far less than what the Nepalese people are going to gain by ballots. So, people say that ballot is thousands time stronger than powerful bullets! That is the democracy and philosophy of democratic nation.

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