Thursday, 10 April 2008

The Nepalese people participating in CA poll

Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koiral is voting for CA election from Morang
The Secretary General (Supremo) of Nepal Communist Party (UML) voting from Koteshwor, Kathamandu

The Maoist Chairman Prachanda (Alias; Pushpa Kamal Dahal) is voting from Chitwan

Today, all the citizens who are inside country are taking part in the election held for Constituent Assembly. People are calling this day as the one day in Era when they can decide their fate. The first time in the history of Nepal, people are going to prepare their constitution by themselves. This is the practice of real democratic principle in which people decide their fate by themselves. The tiny Himalayan Kingdom, has been going to transformed as the Federal Democratic country.
People are very enthusiastic and interested to cast votes. To get this opportunity, thousands of people sacrificed their lives. Around 10 thousands Maoist cadre, and the same numbers of civilians and civil servants lost their lives during these voilent periods. Now their dreams come to be true.
All the world is watching this peaceful transformation of nation. They are going to set the example how the rebellion can be mainstreamed into politics.
For this, we like to congratulate all the Nepalese and thank Girija Prasad Koirala for his mature leadership. Also, thanks go to Madhav Kumar Nepal (General Secretary NCP, UML) and Prachanda (Chairman of NCP, Maoist).
Let's hope that our ill fate, the monarchy would be eliminated peacefully. The former King Gyanendra would remain normal life as the Nepalese Civilian and respected as its citizen and run his business and industry etc.
We hope that the World will learn and respect this transformation. Any of these leaders should be provided with Nobel Peace Prize for their contribution in Peace Process.

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