Sunday, 20 April 2008

Our Wolfsburg Visit was full of entertainment

Wolfsburg is the city in Niedersachsen of Germany. It is the small town with mere 120,000 population but it is the one of the major economic backbone of Germany. How? It has the automobile industry named VolksWagen which is most probably number 1 German Car brand. It is the largest automobile city in the whole Europe. The Volkswagen auto mobile industry is locate near to HauptBahnhof . The factory is surrounded with artificial canals so people can enjoy the sailing there. Wolfsburg has its own team in famous Bundesliga soccer and always remains within top ten positions.
The city is mixed with big super markets, auto showrooms and Autostadt. Auto stadt is the famous permanent exhibition center of automobiles. It has the collection of big number of historical and modern automobiles and technology. All the sites within the exhibition "Autostadt" are entertaining and praiseworthy. Most famously "Autoturm" "Bentley" "Lamborghine" etc. Auto turm (Auto tower) is 20 storey building dominantly made with glass for keeping different brands of cars for exhibition. Autostadt covers the area of just 25 hectares but it provides the 100% entertainment mixed with most up to date information and technology about automobiles. They charge 8 euro to climb the tower and see the autos. It is hallucinating experience in fact.
The entrance fee of Autostadt is 14 euro for whole day but they reduce to half after 16:00. The ticket can be used to buy foods or drinks upto the limits of its value afterward. So, visiting could be the free of charge. Student can use the Semester tickets to reach there. This is one of the "must to see" place in germany.
You can have more information about Wolfsburg in its official website:

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