Tuesday, 6 May 2008

The largest disaster that Myanmar experienced in history

The cyclone flooded the entire coastal plain. The satellite picture on the left was taken in April before the storm hit. The one on the right was taken Monday (5 April).
When Cyclone Nargis hit Burma on Friday it had reached wind speeds as high as 220 kilometers per hour (137 miles per hour).
Cyclone Nargis tore through Burma's Irrawaddy delta late Friday, destroying entire villages. The country's former capital Rangoon, shown here, was also battered by the storm. As of Tuesday afternoon, the death toll was given as 22,000 people.
Many of Burma's coastal inhabitants support themselves by fishing and so a large number of boats must have been at sea when the storm struck. It is still not clear what happened to those boats.
As many as 1 million people could be homeless as a result of the storm.

The vehicles and infrastructures totally collapsed by storms.

Myanmar has faced the massive destruction after Nargis Typhoon. According to official record, the casuaty crossed the giant number of 22 thousands, still missing numbers are more than 40,000. The infrastructure, road, telephone, electricity and drinking water facilities have been broken and it will take years to resume all the facilities in before typhoon situation. The Army Junta, didnot provide rescue operation in the early ours of incidents, but now working to get normal life. They have accepted foreign supports at now however they denied it earlier. They are reluctant to accept US aid and they donot want to allow permission to US aid worker even at this difficult situation. What a nonsense and irresponsibilities.

There are lots of people of Nepalese origin. Also, family of our TIF friends are there. We would like to extend our best wishes for the safety of our friends family and all the citizens there. May almighty provide them enough courage to defeat this problems and socks.

We would like to request Junta government also to allow foreign aid agencies to provide their financial, material and all round supports rescue and rehabilitation.