Friday, 2 May 2008

Whole hearted Congratulation to Dr. Ajaya Kunwar

Our active member Ajaya Jung Kunwar successfully completed his Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Goettingen University, Germany. He has recently passed all the exams with very good grade. He has completed the highest academic degree in one's life at the age of around 30. What a joy to him and us!
Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj is proud to extend its wholehearted congratulation to Ajaya Kunwar for his success in getting Ph.D. After the long gap, we are regularly being proud in the success of our colleagues. Just after few weeks of Santosh jee's success in getting promotion, our another friend Mr. Ajaya Kunwar became Dr. Ajaya Kunwar. The transformation to "Dr." from "Mr." is not really the joke, it is the most difficult and challenging in one's life. Hard labor from his side, blessings from his family and all friends made possible for his efforts.
We know that he didnot sleep many nights, he forgot many things, many events, he lost weight, he lost smiles to bring smiles in many faces; friends, family and others.
So, we would like to thank him for bringing happiness and smiles to our faces. You worked hard alone, but brought smiles to many of us! We hope and wish that you will continue to bring smiles to people of Nepal via. your works and skills. To get one skilled person like you, is not the minor thing for the developing country like ours. We have to earn skills, techniques, money and everything working outside, but we have to work for the sake of our country to develop it. The satistfaction that we acquire working inside country will be always above in comparison to other things. As we know, it is the motto of your life.
His official decoration of the degree is going to be held in 16th May 2008. He is going to kiss a beautiful lady on that day. The name of that lady is Ganseliesel ! Sorry to disclose the mystery about his loves towards this beautiful lady. One day all mysteries need to come out in surface. That you hide for years, is now being surfaced without letting the chance go.
He was always dreaming about her (He himself shared about it!). Be aware all the maiden girls............your dream prince is going to be escaped out! Extremely sorry for disclosing the facts ! I hope that Ajaya jee will not mind about it since he is going to held it publicly in front of us. So, it is better to come out earlier than all of sudden !
All the members of GöNeS, and other friends are heartly requested and whipped for the attendance of ceremony. There will be no excuse for absentee !


Lok Nath Paudel said...

Absolutely correct!!!
Millions of Congratulations to Dr. Ajay Jung Kunwar!!
Lok Nath Paudel

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for your nice and lovely words Rajendra ji. At first I was thinking its all the same what I was before but by reading your words/comments I myself started to think ... is it really so....a marvellous writing gave me a wonderful feeling ......thank you so much......for all the thing...Regards AJK

Anonymous said...

Congratulation sir !!!!!!!!