Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Welcome to Republic in Nepal

Worse than the vulture, I finished my own family, then King and royals to be crowned as the king of Nepal, but ......may be due to their curses, my regime is going to be ended today. Not only my regime, the whole Shah dynasty rulling (let's say sucking the blood from people as leeches) for 240 years is going to be over. What a sad news?! People will not let me escape even after implementation of Republic Nepal. How poor I am, I can do nothing just to obey every order given by Constituent Assembly! The newly elected Constituent assembly in Nepal is going to implement the already declared Republican and Federal Nepal. Then King, Gyanendra and his son Paras are among the most notorious people in Nepal. There ill activities and autocratic rules pave out people' provocation ultimately meaning to their regime end.
We on the eve of this hitoric day, would like to welcome Federal Republic Nepal. We would like to salute all the martyrs who fought for this victory.