Sunday, 1 June 2008

Professional presentation by IOF colleagues

Our nepalese colleagues from Institute of Forestry delivered very nice presentation about Nepal and Nepalese situation to their German counterparts, professors and other interested people. The presenters were superb in the selection of materials and presentations. The topics of presentations were as follows:
  • History and present political situation of Nepal - By Ramesh K. Charmakar
  • Religions and culture - Hari Pd Pandey
  • Community forestry - Pramod Bhattatai
  • Biodiversity - Milan Dhungana
  • NTFPs - Binita Shahi
  • Forestry oganization and education system - Bina Thapa
  • Protected area and ecotourism - Soni Lama

I have been lucky enough to participate the presentation organised by our Nepalese friends at HAWK. The presentations were extraordinarily superb. The ways and contents of presentations were outstanding and well organised. Lots of congratulation to all of our colleagues for superb presentation. What they did in few weeks (especially today) to let know about Nepal and Nepalese, we have hardly done in years in Goettingen ! (Photo: Nepalese presenters with Professor and coordinator of the programmes after presentation)