Saturday, 28 June 2008

10 thousand times!

When we have started this blog, we never thought that this blog would be so popular among Nepalese and our wellwishers from all over the world. With few attempts, we are being able to get attraction from all over the world. This site is going to be seen 10,000 times this week if the trend continues. The statistic shows it has around 50 visitors per day. As it is my first attempt for blog making, it seems quite worthy for me and for our team.People from all over the world visit thisblog and read it. People from all continents, and almost from all countries (70%) used to view this site. What a interesting thing for us! I hope it is really helping people to get some informations related to Nepal, day to day events from all over the world and lastely the Nepalese people who are staying here in Goettingen, Germany. I think this is a success eventhough it's tiny. During this one year of blog journey, I tried my best to include the information about Nepal ranging from politics to sports, culture to customs etc.
Once, I went to one German Governmental Office for official purposes, the office head while talking about Nepal and Nepalese, in the beginning didnot know about Nepal and Nepalese, then opened up his internet and looked into for Nepalese in Germany and Nepalese in Goettingen, then he found out lots of information about Nepalese studying in Goettingen. He was talking about Nepal and Nepalese on the basis of our site with me. Interestingly, he didnot
knew that I have posted almost all information on this blog. While departing he printed one page and gave it to me to look this site if I want to know more about nepalese in Goettingen. He was recommending our site to me! what a interesting thing!
That convinced me that our site has been working as the little window to let the world to know about us.