Monday, 30 June 2008

Indian Grand Design to destabilize Nepal

Nepal is being trapped by India. India want to disintegrate our sovereign country by illegally pushing up Terain parties. And, Nepalese big political parties either they donot understand the grand design from Indian side or they are also trapped on their bait. It is hard to say but it sure and certain that India has ill intention on the issues of Nepal.

India as the unwanted and bad neighbour always troubling Nepal and nepalese people. To tolerate all their nonsense, is our supressed mindset in on hand and in the other hand our compulsion also since we are locked by Giant India in three sides. All our political leader are trained in India and they have somewhat influenced by Indian imperialism.
India has the ill intention in Terai. They know that Terai is strategically important place for Nepal since most of its income comes from their. This place is also important for India. Terai is the most essential place if they want to get benefit from our incomparable hydro resource. Unless and until, they are not able to establish the puppet in Terai, they are not able to build big dams in Koshi, Karnali and Gandaki. Alone the Koshi barrage, which they want to construct the biggest dam in south Asia, would not be made unless the governement donot agree. For that also, the Bihar government and India Government creating hue and cry in the terai. They are promoting terror in the Terai specially in the parts nearer to Koshi river. The socalled leaders of Terain guerilla organisation is living in India with support from Indian government.
Our leader made blunder mistakes when they did 12 points agreement in Indian soil. From there, the infiltration of Indian imperialism, became highly visible and stronger. In the pressure and flattery of Indian government and the socalled movement from Terain parties which is actually sponsored by Indian government, government provided citizenship to 4 million people, most of them are Indian and they donot have faith on Nepalese government. On the basis of these, Madhesi parties got big amount of votes in CA election.
Now they are demanding the whole terai as one state and they want also the self decisive rights. Who can tolerate the ill intension from the Indian imperor, voices out by their puppets in Nepal. Nepalese and Nepalese well wisher can die but donot want to surrender in front of them. We will never step behind from sacrificing for the sake of motherland. We need only that our politician should strongly say that they donot want the infiltration from Indian side.
Indian government donot want the stability in Nepal. They have fear with nepalese peace and prosperity. They allowed Maoist to stay safe when they were killing people in Nepal. They are now providing safe land to others who are killing maoist and other general people. They donot want the strong leadership in Nepal hence they want to throw Girija from power. They are lobbying for Maoist chairman to be next prime minister in the one hand and escalating Terain parties to stop Maoist to come into power. What a double standard. At the moment also, India has been encroaching Nepalese lands in many places. They are keeping illegally their barracks in Kalapani, Nepal. Why donot these political leaders who is asking for one terai, one state strongly ask Indian government to go back from encroached land. They are power broker and they donot have love towards their land hence they donot have morals to ask with their boss to stay behind.
All what India doing in tiny country like Nepal is only troubling. So, it is time to stay firmly against Indian imperialism and fight with them. We respect Indian people with whom we have century long harmonious relationship. Only the problems we are facing from their rulers. Probably, they know quite well that Nepalese people like to sacrifice for the nation rather than surrender themselves. If the situation continues, Nepalese people will blast as the dynamite in Janapad and in Raisin Hill. Then, the loss to both of countries would be incalculable. We hope and pray for not to see that day.