Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Nepalese national flag is not allowed to furl

Nepalese national flag is only one which is in triangle shape in the world.
People in foreign soil marching with national flag of Nepal.Union jack: national flag of Great britain.
It seems quite funny and ridiculous if I talk about our glorious National Flag of Nepal is not permitted to furl in my vehicle or in my house or in my governmental office in Nepal. People doesnot believe when any Nepalese say that he is not allowed to put their glorious Nepal on the yard of their house or in front of their vehicle or even it is not allowed to keep in front of many governmental offices. What a ridiculous things!
By law it is so. Only the Prime minister, ministers are allowed to furl national flag in their vehicle. Only the constitutional organisation, CDO offices and District courts are allowed to furl national flag on their office premises. The discriminatory laws think that if the flag becomes common to everyone house and all the government offices, they loose the honor or so called supremacy. It sounds funny. People will not be able to pay respect to national flag. What a feudal thinking!
Look in the above photos, women use to wear the swimming suit, bra or bikini printed with their national flag. It does not loose their respect and honors to their national flag rather it becomes popular and popular. But, in Nepal the rulers donot want to pupularise their glorious flag. Many children doesnot know which kind of national flag do they have. I am sure 70% of so called intellectuals will be confused if some one ask whether the moon is above or son in your national flag. It is all due to the hiding policy of Government. The revolutionary government still following the same rules. What a same to them!