Sunday, 20 July 2008

My hometown Butwal; Nepal

Today, I was sick to see my house and hometown, my country and my people. There are nothing much to find it out, so I took the help of internet. Google earth provided me great help to pacify my thrust to locate my places. I have taken some photos of my places to share with you. Butwal has the long history. In the place, we defeated the mighty British with our local weapons. Our brave men and women, including children and Old, fought with British (then East India Company); who wanted to capture this place. These poor but brave people fought with stones, spears, some home made knifes, Khukuris to mighty British who were armored with cannons, guns etc. They lost the life of Generale Gilespie. And, later flew away.
The story behind the nomenclature of Butwal is that, then British force wanted to reach the citadel. Since the area was densely populated with Shorea and such other kinds of Forest, and there were no infrastructure to proceeds, they bought one Deshdrohi Nepali to show the path. The British soldiers and team were so afraid of the Nepalese fighters, they were asking about what is there, what is there next after each and every steps move. When the reach near to the foothill of Siwaliks hill, the British Generale asked with that spy (unfortunately soldout Nepali), what is thereafter..... The Nepali who had only few english vocabularies, so he wanted to say them that there is the hills. But he didnot know about what to call to the hills. So, he thought different words bud he couldnot found the appropriate word to call. The English Generales and soldiers were asking regularly to say him about what is there. Then, this poor Nepali tried to explain what is there to English people in this way. "Dear Generale, there is nothing but wall". He meant wall for hill. This word "But Wall" later on became Butwal. So, the name Butwal came to existence!
My house lies in Sukhanagar, Butwal-10, Lumbini, Nepal

Roads seen in and around my areaButwal lies on the foothill of Siwalik hills
Panoromic view of Butwal
The meeting point of hills and plain is the masterpiece of Butwal
Nepal is the mountainous country, 83 % of its land is covered by mountains (Siwallik, Mahabharat and high Himalayas). 8 out of the ten tallest mountain in the worlds lie in Nepal.