Saturday, 19 July 2008

Pramanda Jha first elected V. president of Nepal

The vice president candidate from Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, former supreme court judge, Prmananda Jha, has been elected as the first Vice President of Republic Nepal whereas there was tough competition between Ram Baran Yadav (from NC) and Raja Ram Singh (from Maoist) for the post of president. None of presidential candidates got success to secure the magical number of 294 (52% of CA members). So, for the post the election is going to be held on Monday at 8 am again. Ram Baran Yaday got 283 votes whereas Maoist backed candidate Ram Raja Singh got 270 votes. The vice president candidate Pramanda Jha won with 305 votes in his favour where is Shanta Shrestha of NCP (Maoist) got 243 votes. On Monday, the candidate who get larger number of votes among casted votes, will be declared as the first President of Nepal.