Sunday, 24 August 2008

Arjun Basnet showed mixed result in Olympic Marathon

Our Athletics Marathon runner Arjun Bahadur Basnet from Nepalese Army showed mixed result in the today's Marathon. He broke his personal record of 2:23:09 hours. He got 45th place out of more than 100 runners.

He was just 16:37 minutes slower than Gold medalist WANSIRU Samuel Kamau
from Kenya. He won the gold medal with Olympic record. Morocco and Ethiopia won the Silver and Bronze.

He left behind many atheletes from developed countries such as Qatar, Spain, Japan and so many other. Many players from Africa and Europe even couldnot complete the run.

We have to respect his improvement and wish for his better future.
We are the South Asian Record Holder in Men' Marathon. Our brilliant Baikuntha Manandhar had set us the South Asian Countries (SAARC) records with 2:15:06 hours timing.

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