Monday, 25 August 2008

Request for contribution to Koshi Flood victims (Nepal)

The biggest river of Nepal, the Koshi, has been flooding since few days. The Koshi barrage and enbankment was constructed by the Indian Government after the ill famed "Koshi Treaty" of 2016 B.S. The treaty was signed at the time of Matrika Prasad Koirala (PM of Nepal) and Jawaharlal Nehru (Prime minister of India).

The treaty was very imbalanced one. India had constructed big dam in Near near to the border of Nepal and India. And, almost all the water has been driven away to the Bihar state of India. If soft hearted and true nationalist nepalese stand at the place of Koshi barrage and sees the division of water to India and Nepal, he starts to cry. His or her blood starts boiling. And, he thinks to fight against this treaty and the people who signed it.

The maintenance and operation of all the dams and barrages is under the responsibilities of Indian government, but they never think to maintain it. So, every year the Koshi use to flood in Nepalese parts leaving thousands of people homeless and helpless.

This year devastation occurs when the river broke the Koshi Bank. In lack of regular inspection and maintenance, the river broke the easter bank and flooded to hundreds of villages killing many people. Billions of properties have already been sunk.

So, in this difficult period, our government itself is unable to rescue the larger number of people. Hence, we like to request all to contribute positively in the rescue and rehabilitation operation of Koshi flood victims. We as the member of Goettingeli Nepalese Samaj attempts to join our hands to help them. So, we, eventhough all of us are students and living with hardship, would like to establish small funds (expected 100 to 200 euro) to help the needy people. We would like to request you all for the positive contribution. If anyone like to contribute, he can contact to us.

We had contributed 200 Euro (20€ from each Nepalese family living in Goettingen) to the victims of same Koshi River last year also.

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