Friday, 17 October 2008

On anonymous comments on GöNeS Blog- Kag Karaudai Garchha, Pina Pakdai Garcha

I was surprised to read the strange anonymous comments posted on GöNES Blog, and in the mean time I also became a little sad. Because, Rajendraji has continuously provided his interest and efforts all the time to make GöNes-Blog live and to bring the Nepalese Spirit connected at this far-far away land. Of course, all the contents of the Blog may not be fitting to our (in this case anonymous') interest, but we should see the extremely positive part of his efforts. In fact, we very much appreciate the continuous efforts of Rajendraji to make GöNes activities visible to the outside world. Rajendraji, I personally, wholeheartedly appreciate your extraordinary inputs and talent to make this Blog site a success. In fact, we should honor your contribution by all the members of our society. On the other hand, we shouldn't be much worried about ousiders' comments as such, until we all are content ourselves. "Kag Karaudai Garchha, Pina Pakdai Garcha". Ajayaji, please correct if my wordings have made any wrong entry here. Let's thrive the spirit of GöNes to the level possible....


Rajendra K.C. said...

Thank you very much Netrajee for your supports and inspiration. I remember tha how we have started this blog together. Whem I learned some concepts about blogging from you, I tried to make a livelier blog. I had already posted more than 600 posts and the blog is being regularly read by around 100 people. I think that this is somewhat a success of amateur blogger like us.

I think that you are 100% right on "Kag Karaudai garchha..........". Therefore, I deleted my previous post about "interesting and ill intended comments..........". We should not promote negativism, in the place of negatism. It will take everyone to the deadly end. Even that anonymous commentor would remain always anonymous despite we know about.

I will work more towards "Let everyone live peaceful and prosperous life" If we educated donot act like that then we are not supposed to expect same from many illiterates and unexposed persons!

Once again, thank you very much to all who supported me! And, thanks to that "anonymous" commentor for strengthening my belief.

Baburam said...

I would suggest you to disregard the ill-fated comments and I know you are appreciating constructive suggestions.