Saturday, 18 October 2008

The killler arrested!

The killer of Ashok Bhattarai in Houston; the USA has been caught up! He is just 17 years old Raymond Whitcher who had shot Bhattarai on 28 September at a shop in Houston.

Whitcher was a student at Elkins High School, and surveillance footage shows him putting on a red bandana, walking into the store with a rifle and shooting Bhattarai point blank.

He ran away with $5,000 in cash and aroused suspicions when he started showing off the money in school and buying a car. He was involved in an accident with his car, but confessed to the murder when he was questioned by Missouri police last week.

Houston is notorious for the loose security situation in the USA. The USA should rethink about its legal system providing opportunities to keep lethal weapons freely.

We would like to thank "Houston Nepalese Society" who collected around 1 lakh US dollar and worked hard to send back his dead body to motherland for last rituals.

The killer Witcher has shattered the dream of young nepalese. We ask the US government and the employer of Ashok Bhattarai to compensate his family because he lost his life working for them.

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