Friday, 28 November 2008

GöNeS organise talk programme on "learnings from Goettingen"

As our decision we made during the talk programme about the "the role of Nepalese diaspora in Constitution Building in Nepal" at Kreuzbergring 46, the next talk programme is going to be organised on 30 th November (Sunday), at 4 pm in Albrecht Thaer Weg 24 D/11.
The presentation will be about the learning from Goettingen, Germany. The presenter for this time is Dr. Ajaya Jang Kunwar. He will talk about his days in Goettingen. What have he done, how has he achieved successes here, what are his suggestions to Nepalese in Goettingen to make their life successful and worthy, what he worked in his professional career, what are his plans in coming days, how is he going to support our motherland (Nepal) would be some highlights of presentation. The presentation and discussion would be roughly 1:30 to 2:00 hours longer.
All the Nepalese and well wisher of Nepal are welcome in the presentation. All the the members of GöNeS are requested to present with their family members compulsarily. The presentation would start exactly at 4:00 pm.
Our other valuable members of GöNeS living outside of Goettingen (or Germany) at the moment can participate through video conferencing or via. this blog. They are requested to send their wider experiences and views from/about Goettingen.
Please send us your views, comments, suggestions and articles !

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