Saturday, 29 November 2008

Social Project about Nepal in Goettingen, Germany

This is poster about our social project "EVEREST" People are fascinated here with Everest and Himalayas. If proper work is done and publicity is made and security is assured, to get more than 2 million tourists in a year is not a difficult task for Nepal.
The Katholosche Hochschulgemeinde Goettingen (khg) with support from Nepalese and other students organised the social project about Nepal on 29th November.
Many people contributed a lot for the success of the programme.
The programme was held in and infront of the khg building. Thousands of passers by were attracted with the programme and stall.
Nepalese as well as continental foods prepared by students were sold there to raise fund. People were attracted with our unique shape of national flag and traditional foods.
We learned many things from this social project! Loves, respect to each other and helping attitudes are the most beautiful essense of life.
Everybody loves Nepal! Every people from allover the world has great respect and love to our country, but we need to work hard to draw their love, affection for the development of the country!
People were very curios to know about Nepal. One around 8 years old boy came there with his mother only to know about "SHERPAS" of Nepal.

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highlander said...

Dear All,
Excellent job! I am sorry that it was not possible for me to join today. I can imagine that it was first of its kind Nepalese event in Goettingen. Many thanks and congratulations to all contributors!
Rajendraji, thanks a lot for bringing on the web.

- Highlander