Friday, 27 March 2009

Brave man saved endangered python !

The person who saved python from killing by innocent villagers at Hariun, Sarlahi was Arjun Thapa (in Red cloth). He is the lover of snakes and he used to save snake from killing.
Python is one of the endangered reptiles in Nepal and it is protected by Law however people used to kill the snake due to fear if it is seen anywhere. As it was happened to this python in Sarlahi. The sugarcane harvesters found it on the sugarcane field. With fear hundreds of farmers gathered there and tried to kill it. The python became agressive and tried to terrify villagers with sound. There was big hue and cry. At the same time, Arjun Thapa was passing by in motorbike. He saw the crowd and experienced the situation. As he is the fond of snake, he caught the snake, covered its eye and mouth with cloths and brought it to District Forest Office, Lalbandi. At the time, I was there. I inquired about the situation and praised the brevity of this young man. Immediately, as the honour, I awarded him with 1000 NRs. cash and appreciation letter. Then, we brought it to Parsa Wildlife Reserve and released it there in its natural habitat. All the incidents were telecasted by Nepal 1 television. The television praised the brevity of Arjun Thapa and spontaneous inspiration of District Forest Office. These are the some photos of this adventourous acts of Mr. Arjun Thapa. We salute his endeavor!
(Note: This incident was three years back)

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'm surprized by blog title... so think, but there's not news in radio and tv... bcoz, it was 3 yrs back...