Saturday, 28 March 2009

Thaneshwor Rai : the founder of Nepalese KARATE

During my recent visit to Nepal, I got an opportunity to interview with the legendry Thaneshwor Rai. He is considered as the pioneer of Nepalese KARATE. He has worked hard to popularise KARATE in Nepal. During his tenure, Nepal was the topmost country in SouthAsia in KARATE. After retirement, he is living in the USA but used to frequently visit Nepal to support nepalese KARATE. Please find short interview where I repeatedly made mistake saying Taekwondo instead Karate ! Anyway, both are the branches of Martial Arts !

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loknath said...

Now a days, It seems that the 'nepaleseingoettingen.blogspot' has been transformed into multisectoral information blog. It is really very good. Thanks for putting the interview with one of the pioneers of the sports in Nepal. Please corect the name of the founder father written in the title.
Lok Nath Paudel