Monday, 23 March 2009

Who are they?!

During our recent trip to Nepal, we met few interesting people. Among them, these white dressed people are Nepalese whom we met at Mumbai Airport. They were returning back to Nepal from the USA. Could you imagine why they have been to the USA? What are their profession? How much is their formal education? Do they speak English?
As other friends guessed, they are the pundits gone to the USA for Panditayai. They went USA in Panditayai Visa. We were surprised to see these kind of Visa for US. They have visa until 2011. They are not much educated person. They have below eight grader and they donot speak English. Their main subject is VEDA. They are coming back to Nepal for holiday making and they are returning back to US after few weeks! In their organisation in USA, there are more than 1000 pundits of their kinds.


आकार said...

Don't know, who are those guys ?
may be Pandits...hehehe

loknath said...

I request Rajendra sir to answer the question by yourself. No one, I suppose, could guess it! In my opinion, they might be some Nepalese Pandits gone the USA for the Pandityain and returning back Nepal because of the great economic recession!

आकार said...

surprised !!!