Friday, 15 May 2009

Beloved Friend Rajendra Gets Award for his Outstanding Performance

Perhaps, you already guess by seeing the topics. Today, Mr Rajendra KC along with other three students got awards and appreciation for the excellent and outstanding performance on MSc degree in Forest Science and Forest Ecology from University of Goettingen. This is the very pleasant moment for all members of Nepalese Society in Goettingen. Importantly, it is the matter of pride and prestige for every Nepali who are either in aboard or in Nepal. In Goettingen, Rajendra has specialized his Master degree in Forest Genetics.

He is very diligent, self-esteemed and profound Forest Officer in Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation in Nepal. He always demonstrated both academic and professional career with outstanding performances. In Nepal, he has already won a lot of prestigious medals and awards for securing very good scores and grades amongst the different campuses across the country. In addition, he has extra-ordinarily managed his significant time in extra-curricular activities. This 'Blog' is one of the exemplary and innovative efforts. With the help of this blog, we are enjoying an opportunity to share our feelings, experiences and set of activities to our family, friends and many more well wishers.

Please let me join your big hands to congratulate Rajendrajee, Asha Bhauju and childrens in this happiest moment and to wish every success on his professional and academic career.


akunwar said...

Congratulation Rajendraji and Asha bhauju and family members. Its great pleasure to know that Rajendra ji has got his excellence award, we are proud of him. I wish him similar success in future as well, I am sure that he will finish his PhD from Goettingen in a similar way or in excellent grade.Really a wonderful and happy news indeed.

Baburam said...

It gave me millions of pleasure that our beloved and heartfelt friend Mr. Rajendrajee have got a great appreciation and recognition for his untired and continuous efforts and success in his academic, professional and social life. He deserves great appreciation ever since the past and in the future from our sides. Let´s give him big clap in this great moment. We wish him all and every success in his endevours.

Rajendrajee, Chhuperashtam, information lukaunu bhaeni-ni hoina ra.....
Best regards,
Baburam Rijal and Family

Anonymous said...

Congratulation Rajendra!!!
Keep it Up.
-Sarita DD

loknath said...

Heartfelt congratulation Rajendra sir and Aasha sister!!! We had been waiting to hearing this event since February, 2009. We wish you same achievement in your PhD degree as well!

If Rajendra sir will not take it otherwise, we would like to congratulate Aasha sister, more than you, whose contribution was more than 60% in this regard.
Lok Nath and Usha Paudel