Saturday, 16 May 2009

Sincere thanks to all of you !

All Dear Friends,
As I got an opportunity to be in famous Aula yesterday, I would like to share some photos to all of you as my token of for your continuous encouragement, appreciation and support.
Before, the event I didnot know anything about the system and events there, therefore even my wife also couldnot follow me for this grand celebration. I knew only about official handing over of academic certificate but not my selection for "One of the best student" among the students from all M.Sc. programme of Department of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology. The whole programme was in Deutsche, so I couldnot understnad most of the things, when they announced my name to come up and get the prize and bunches of flower, I was little surprised (I am saying it truly !). I couldnot take the photo of this memorable event (these few photos are taken from movie clips !) due to some understandable reason ! I hope, it would be posted later in the website of our faculty because they have taken these photos with their professional photographer !
Anyway, I am very thankful to all of you for your support throughout our stay in Goettingen. Lots of people living in Nepal, Goettingen and other parts of world would deserve thanks from the bottom of heart. Specially I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to my parents, Aasha, Netrajee, Sarita DD, Usha madam, Dev raj jee and all the previous and current members of our GöNeS. Also, my sincere thanks go to Birgitt Skailes, DAAD and Ministry of Forest and Soil Conservation / Nepal. Thank you all !


highlander said...

Dear Rajendraji,
Wholehearted congratulations for this excellent award! You deserve this. So to say, this is first of its kind of award that a Nepalese achieved here in Göttingen. It is a great honor for all of us here in Goettingen and the source of inspiration. Whether the meeting was in German, is the minor side of it, which only indicates the learning any language would have always been useful.

We thank you Rajendraji for this achievement, as it does add the value to the Nepalese students at GAUG. Thanks Gautamji (you know why I said it!) for bringing the good news into notice. Only, to be waited is an announcement of a party- just kidding!

So now, Rajendraji, I wish you all the best to sustain such endeavors in future for PhD and beyond.


Baburam said...

Dear Rajendrajee,
Congratulation for this great achievement. You deserve great honor and many thanks for such success. I wish all the best in the future.

Anonymous said...

It is indeed my great pleasure to know such a great achievement by our colleague.

Congratulation Rajendrajee!!!

Wish you all the best in coming days.

Babu Kaji