Friday, 12 June 2009

Sujata ko JAYA, Sailaja ko PRAJAYA: defeat of the country

There is the popular saying in nepal, "Sati le Sarapeko Desh" meaning the country cursed by Widow. Due to the curse of the widow of Kaji Bhim Malla, Sati, Nepal can never be prosperous and the people who used to be good, noble and dedicated for the sake of country will have never prosperity in the country instead the corrupt, selfish, cunning in short the notorious, ill famed, unpopular and bad intended people gets benefit, name and fame, and prosperity in the country. It seems quite realistic.
If we compare the personalities, dedication, hard work, sacrifices of two prominent women figure of Nepal we found the same things. Sujata Koirala (Alas ! Jost) and Sailaja Acharya. Sujata, is the one who married and moved to Germany during the difficult times in Nepal, Panchayati period, and Sailaja who never got time to think about herself and never been married due to her involvement in politics and struggle for democracy! Sujata who institutionalised the corruption, groupism in Nepal, whereas Sailaja who sacrificed her ministerial position lobbying to eliminate corruption from her own ministry. Sailaja who was the sybol of hard work, dedication, selflessness and another Sujata who is all against. If we compare the prosperity that these two leaders are getting, then it seems quite true about the proverb "SATI LE SARAPEKO DESH". Sujata, the puppet of Indian imperialism and queen of corruption, is anonymously offered the powerful ministry "FOREIGN Ministry" and the Sailaja who was the holy deity of selflessness was almost denied even the Ambassador post (which is below the secretary position in designation of same ministry!)! Sujata who is enjoying all the resources and good portfolios in the country where the symbol of dedication and hardwork, Sailaja died almost anonymity. What a pity situation for Nepal and nepalese well wisher!
I would like to heartly offer deep condolence and few drops of tears in sad demise of Sailaja Acharya. Eventhough the country, her partymen and other relevant institution didnot provide her that much importance for which she rightly deserves, nepalese people will put her in their heart and mind as an courageous, hard working, dedicated and selfless woman of all time! Please visit our earlier posting about her

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