Sunday, 18 October 2009

FERI TYO DIN Kahile AAULA..... Tihar 2006 in Goettingen, Germany

Tihar Celebration in Goettingen, 2006. "Feri tyo din samjhana chahanna...." a popular song by Sugam Pokharel, reminds me the beautiful times in the past at Goettingen, Germany. Lots of friends with whom I shared beautiful moments are now in the USA, Nepal and other parts of the world. We remember you all and wish you all the best.
This year also we celebrated Tihar festival in similar way but little earlier due to busy schedules of all of us, but I couldnot upload photos in this blog as I lost my camera in Tropentag however some of our friends will certainly post it sometimes later.


Baburam said...

Thanks Rajendrajee for posting and reminding so much enjoyable moments. Teej, Dashain, Tihar, New Year ever make us remember Goettingen and Goettingeli friends. We also somehow celebrated Tihar by Puja-paath, Sel-Roti and playing cards for two overnights.

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures and nice memories. Jindagima tyo din ekpatak matra aauchha. There are so many days we celeberate but very few days are memorable. By seeing these photogrphas, I thought the gatherring were really colorful and pleasureful.