Sunday, 18 October 2009

President OBAMA wishes HAPPY DEEWALI

We are pleased to here Deewali message from President Obama, however he was wrongly informed about the reason of celebrating DEEWALI. In his speech, he was mentioning that it is celebrated in the occasion of return of lord Ram from Exile, which is not true! He mixed DEEWALI with Dashain, however his intention to extend best wishes is praiseworthy!


Anonymous said...

Indian Celebrate Diwali because Lord Ram had won against Rawan and returned Ayodhaya safely. And people of Ayodha did fireworks and welcomed Rama with full that is why Indians call dewali.

Nita said...

Yeah...there are a couple of reasons why Diwali is celebrated and lord Rama returning from exile is one of them.

Happy diwali wishes said...

Diwali is also called as deepavali and it is called as festival of light from the words "deep" which translates as "light" and avali which means "a row". The day diwali is celebrated, people in Ayodhyaa light kingdom with small lamps to welcome the Lord rama and wife sita.