Thursday, 24 December 2009

Congratulation to Sangam Paudel

Gold medal to SANGAM

Master Sangam and his teammates demonstrating the Shield towards audience! What a jubilation! What a big achievements at this early age!

Not only, master Sangam, but also the parents were honoured for the environment provided to their son. School honored his parents with this certificate and prize!

The winner's certificate!
Master Sangam and his team members with Shield! Chief guest of final competition presenting certicate and gold medal to winning team!

As our forefathers rightly said that the Better fruiting plants show their smooth leaves from the beginning, Mr. Sangam Paudel has been showing tremendous talent from this early age. As the father, so the son (A Geniticists View) has challenged the Darwinism of environmental impacts on! As the parents Dr. Lok Nath Paudel has nurterd him with high level of intellectuality and well environment for study, Master Sangam has been pouring millions of happinesses not only to his family but all of us!
He has recently won the first prize, gold medal and to his school, St. Xavier Godavari, in Kathmandu Valley Inter School Spelling Competition. There were more than fourty schools competed for the programme! There were several stages of competition, and in final round master Sangam won the first prize. He was the team leader of his team (Primary School). The competition was very hard as many other tough teams were participated. The whole final competition was live telecasted by Nepal's number one private television channel, Kantipur!
Master Sangam is the student of grade VI at St. Xavier School, Godavari Nepal. He has always demonstrating his outstanding performance in other extracurricular activities! Similarly, in his whole life, he has never occured second! Sangam, always the first, in his class is the pride of all of us! As he has been moving ahead, we have many more expectation from him! We expect other bigger achievements in his life! Anyway, we would like to congratulate not only to Master Sangam, but also to Dr. Lok Nath Paudel and Usha Paudel for this outstanding achievement of son!


loknath said...

Dear Rajendra sir,
Thanks lot for uploading picures with excellent wordings!

akunwar said...

Congratulation from my side as well to Poudel sir and family for achieving this great success, I agree with Rajendra ji, hune biruwako chillo paat...Best of luck for Sangam.

D. Gautam said...

I highly appreciate the outstanding performance of Sangam and extend big congrats to Lok sir and family. "Suyogya babu ra aama ko suyogya chhora" Sangam ko asal jiwan ko kamana gardachhu.

Thanks Rajendrajee for your exemplary efforts and hard work to explore such inspirable examples and stories and bring among us.