Tuesday, 22 December 2009


We would like to welcome the newest members of Goettingeli Nepalese Society (GöNeS). Aryan borned in the Budthapa family on 21 December, 2009 at the University Medical of Goettingen. He was born at 9:17 O'Clock at the hospital. At the time of birth, his body weight was 3610 grams and 51 cm tall.

The delivery was quite normal and the health of mother and son was the perfectly sound. With the birth of this wonder boy, all the Budthapa family and the members of GöNeS are very happy and in jubilant moods. Father Bharat and mother Basanti, including two sisters Aashma and Ayushma, all are happy to get the newses member into their family. Her grandparents and all the relatives in Nepal, are also extending their blessing to Aryan.

We wish his perfect health and glowing future. Similarly we congratulate his parents, Basanti and Bharat Budthapa, for the birth of Aryan.

We will request all of you readers to extend your blessings to the new born son through this Website also.

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Damodar Poudyal said...

Wow! Very pleasant morning news.

Me, Apsara, Prakriti and Pratik all would like to extend our warm welcome to Aryan and lots of blessing for his sound health and peaceful life ahead,
Congratulations to Bharatjee and Basanti madam!
With warm regards,
Damodar & Family, Hannover