Sunday, 28 March 2010

Condolence Programme on demise of Girijababu at Goettingen, Germany

Nepal is mourning the demise of our legendary politician, Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala (GPK) , who left us for heavenly abode on 20th March 2010 at the age of 87 years.

He will be known for his hardwork, strong will power and the greatest changes made possible in the country! We and our generation will always remember GPK for his consistent and lifelong devotion for the betterment of Nepal, and for his vision of peace and stability in the country. He was able to bring an unusually positive synergy while coordinating with diverse political interests in country .

Though we might have various political (Partigat) ideologies, we should pay our respect to the national leader and Statesman, and express our solidarity. To offer prayer for the soul to rest in peace and to condole with his family and the people of Nepal, we like to propose a small 'Condolence Meeting' namely “Hamra Lokneta GPK” at the following venue ant time.

Venue: ATW (24 d/11)
Time: Wednesday, 31st of March 2010, at 18:00h.

There will be some short presentation on brief biography of GPK BY Dev Raj Gautam


Baburam said...

Rajendrajee, I am more reserved in the matter of taking concerned over Girija's demise. Yes, we all are/will be very sad in such events and this happens in the this moment as well. However I am disagree with the amount of space and time you provided in your blog for Girija. Because, despite sad for a while, its not 'unexpected'. Moreover, I would say Girija has not much contribution in either democratic movement in 1990 or establishing democracy, rather he is one who helped ruining the democratic procedures in its infancy. Since then to date, the chain of unestability, corruption, lawless movements is connected to him. Nevertheless, the good thing may be successful republic moment. Let's hope the republic system be long-lasting.
I am sorry on commenting him in these mourning days.

highlander said...

Dear Rijalji,
Thanks for your comments. You may be perhaps 100% right in your opinion, but the condolence meeting is organized among GöNES members to memorize the political personality and to take acount of political milestone releated to GPK.Yes, there are certainly many negative sides that we can talk about GPK, but this meeting, in my opinion, will give a food for thoughts for our political minds while paying tribute to the National leader.

We are really proud to learn that our GöNES blog is read also Tran-Atlantic!

Catch you soon!