Saturday, 20 March 2010

Girija Prasad (The Lengendary Politician of Nepal), passed away

Today is the biggest and longest Eclipse in Nepalese Politics! We lost the largest comet of nepalese politics!

Today, on 20th March, 2010, the legendary politician of Nepal, Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala passed away at her daughter's house at Mandikhatar, Kathmandu! He was around 87 years old and involved in politics for six decades!

He was known for strong political will power. He never compromised with anyone whom he didnot like or the matter which he didnot like.

He will be known for his hardwork, strong will power and the greatest changes made possible in the country! He was prime minister of Nepal for record five times! His first term of premiership was despite of few controversies, was considered as the golden age for development in Nepal.

After People's Movement two, he visited India. To receive him, the prime minister of India, Dr. Man Mohan Singh went to Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, which is the very rare events in Indian system, even the premier of India, doesnot appear in Airport to welcome the president of any superpower. Dr. Singh, welcame him and appreciated him as "one of the greatest Politician of South Asian countries".

He spent his early ages fighting against British to liberate India. And, later he fought against Rana Dynasty in Nepal, Panchayati systems in Nepal and against the autocracy of monarch. He sometimes used to challenge then powerful King, Gyanendra, "what do you think, monarch? I have worked with your grand parents too, then who you are? I have worked with four kings of Nepal, Tribhuwan, Mahendra, Birendra and you! So, you should be respectful while dealing with me! You understand!""

The untimely demise of Girija Prasad Koirala is the loss of the country and whole south asia! I donot know how can we fill this loss?!
GP Koirala at SAARC Meeting

If we really want to provide our sincere gratitude to him, we should promulgate the most inclusive and democratic constitution on given time and strengthen the social integrity and harmony!


highlander said...

A big gap is created into Nepalese political arena due to demise of late PM GP Koirala. He was a brave Statesman and our National Hero, who will always be remembered for his consistent and life long devotion for Nepal. It will take many years to fulfill this gap. We will remember his deterministic and in the mean time simplistic character forever. I got to know the private (personality) life of GP Koirala while reading his memoirs in Nepal Weekly. I learn that one doesn't become Statesman over night, nor by cheap popularity- one has to go through harsh critisim as well.

I would like to salute our National hero- late GP Koirala and extend my condolence to his family and the Nepalese people at home and aboard. May the soul of Late Hero be in peace- through the actions towards his dreams of modern Nepal.

- Netra Bhandari

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